Seminarios Economía 2015

"Medicaid take-up among elderly Americans"
22/12  4:00pm
Expositor: María Xosé San Martín
Afiliación: Stony Brook University

"Pricing and Capacity Provision in Electricity Markets: An Experimental Study"
17/12  12:30pm
Expositor: Chloe LeCoq
Afiliación: Stockholm School of Economics, SITE

"Adopting a cleaner technology: The effect of driving restrictions on fleet turnover"
Expositor: Juan Pablo Montero
Afiliación: Pontificia Universidad Católica

"Pension Income Indexation: a Mean Variance Approach"
Expositor: Rodrigo Lluberas
Banco Central del Uruguay

"Do Micro-Entrepreneurship Programs Increase Wage-Work? Evidence From Chile"
Expositor: Claudio Martínez A.
Afiliación: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

"Bank's Expected Equity-Asset Ratio Bounds under Foreing Exchange Risk: A Tool for Stress Testing"
Expositor: Martín Egozcue

"Gender Peer Effects Around the World"
Expositor: José María Cabrera
Afiliación: Universidad de Montevideo

"Whistleblowers on the Board? The Role of Independent Directors in Cartel Prosecutions"
3/9, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Daniel Ferrés
Afiliación: Universidad de Montevideo

"Illiquidity in Sovereign Debt Markets"
Expositor: Juan Passadore
Afiliación: Einaudi Institute of Economics and Finance

"Entrepreneurship and Occupational Choice in the Global Economy"
Expositores: Federico Diez
Boston Fed

Pre-Market Trading and IPO Pricing
Expositor: Jay Ritter
Afiliación: University of Florida

"Real Exchange Rate, the Wage Gender Gap and Domestic Vioence"
2/7, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Ignacio Munyo
Afiliación: Universidad de Montevideo

"Capital Unemployment, Financial Shocks, and Investment Slamps"
18/6, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Pablo Ottonello
Afiliación: Columbia University

"A Structural Model of Bank Default Linkages"
11/6, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Dietmar Leisen
Afiliación: Gutenberg School of Management and Economics

"Credit Risk Without Commitment"
28/5, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Juan Carlos Hatchondo
Afiliación: Indiana University

"Aseguramiento público, provisión privada: Impacto de la Reforma de la Salud en la salud perinatal"

14/5, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Ana Balsa
Afiliación: Universidad de Montevideo

“Access to Post-secondary Education in Canada”
11/3, 13:00 horas
Expositor: Richard Mueller
Afiliación: University of Lethbridge

"Challenges in Educational Reform: An experiment on Active Learning in Mathematics"
26/3, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Matías Busso
Afiliación: Inter American Development Bank

“Discretion Rather than Simple Rules: the Case of Social Protection”
Lunes 10/3, 12:30 horas
Expositor: Alvaro Forteza
Afiliación: Universidad de la República